Why use a house buying agent?

If you were to think about the house buying process most people automatically associate an estate agent as being an integral part of this transaction. However a majority of people do not realise that an Estate Agent works solely for the vendor (the person selling the house). Very few people are aware that you can employ the services of a buyers agent, who will work solely for the house buyer.

Have you ever been to a house viewing whereby the estate agent showing you around is asking questions about why you are buying, what is your ideal budget or maximum budget, and what are your overall circumstances etc etc? Ever asked yourself why they are asking these questions? They obtain this information so they can feed it back to their client (the seller) about your circumstances.

Why do people use an estate agent to sell their property? Most people say the main reasons for using an estate agent is because of marketing exposure and negotiating best deal on their behalf. When it comes to negotiating the best deal on the sale of their house, people feel that estate agents are experts in this area.

Buying a home can be the biggest investment we ever make in our lives, therefore why wouldn’t you as a buyer, consider utilising the services of a professional negotiator to obtain best deal/lowest price on that new house. Most members of the public who are thinking of buying a home are not even aware of this type of service. A buyers agent is commonly used in other countries around the world, for instance in America a majority of house sale transactions involve both an estate agent (representing the seller) and a buyers agent (representing the buyer).

There are many benefits to enlisting the services of a buying agent.

Buyers agents have a track record of saving thousands of pounds off the list price for house buyers.

A buyers agent will take the “emotional attachment” out of the negotiating process on behalf of the buyer. How often have you heard an estate agent say “there’s a lot of interest in this property. You will need to offer close to asking price and quickly”. If you have viewed a house which you have fallen in love with, hearing something like this from the estate agent could potentially cost you a lot of money. You may just offer close to, or the actual asking price as you are already in love with the property and feel you need to offer this to enable you to secure the property. This is another area that a buyers agent can really add value to you.¬†A buying agent will¬†say the right things at the right times on the buyers behalf.

Making the house buying process quicker and less stressful for the buyer. This is achieved by dealing with all parties concerned (mortgage adviser, solicitor, and the estate agent) throughout the purchase transaction on behalf of their client, the buyer.

A buying agent does what it says on the tin, they are an agent to the buyer!

House Price Negotiators Ltd (HPN Ltd) have strategically aligned our main objective to our clients main goal……saving as much money as possible off the list price. HPN Ltd negotiates the sale price with the goal of getting the best possible deal for their client. Everything HPN Ltd does is for the benefit of the house buyer

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